Passionate About Inspiring Others

Andrae Duhaney otherwise known as Mysta is a singer songwriter from Ottawa Canada who began his music career in 2016. Since then Andrae has released various singles including “Just Believe”, “Empress Divine”, “Give You All” and “Guilty”. With these releases Andrae managed to gain the adoration of music lovers and professionals within Jamaica and Canada which led to performances at various events in cities like Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. Events include the popular Montreal Reggae Fest and the Ottawa Jamaica Day Festival. During this period he has worked with different producers including Lee Milla of Lee Milla Productions, T’Jean Bennett from Grafton Studios in Jamaica as well as Patrick Watson from Watson Unlimited.


While growing up in Jamaica, Andrae had a strong love for music and started singing from a tender age at church and school concerts. “I grew up in the countryside and I had a healthy dose of music, listening to popular reggae singers like Dennis Brown, Garnett Silk and Sanchez, and soul singers like Sam Cooke and Al Green. The soulfulness in the music delivered by these singers caused me to develop a deep passion for music.”


While Andrae predominantly performs reggae tracks, his music is heavily influenced by R&B and soul which is evident in songs such as “Empress Divine” and “Just Believe”. With the release of each single he has shown growth and diversity, both in his vocal delivery and lyrical content - with love and positivity being a common thread in his work. “I enjoy writing about love because it is beautiful. The big challenge with writing love songs is producing something unique as this is a subject that has been covered by almost every artiste.” 

Apart from penning love songs he enjoys writing music that inspires and empowers people to strive for whatever it is their heart desires. “For me music is about sharing positive energy that uplifts the spirits of listeners. This is what it does for me and I want listeners of my music to have a similar experience.”


Over the past ten to fifteen years, since graduating from the University of the West Indies, Andrae has honed a career in the tech industry; however, he has now set his sights on establishing a career in music. “During the past decade I have learned so much from relationships both in the tech industry and my personal life that has caused me to see life differently. Building software is also a lot like creating music and it has helped me to appreciate the level of work required to produce something of quality that people will love and appreciate.  I am now at a stage where I am enthusiastic about sharing some of these experiences with the world through music.”